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The Undisciplined Writer

Because I have been an undisciplined writer of late I am seeking methods of removing myself from this quagmire and then stay disciplined.  The frustration is dispiriting when the days pass whereby I am unable to accomplish even small bits of writing per day.  I detest those methods of writing for a specific time or using a word count but now realize that they can be important in regaining our discipline if we have lost it.

My first major writing project was a novel and the work drew me to it such that discipline was not an issue.  It was as though there were a magnetic force that put me in the chair and turned on the word processor, although it could have been finished much sooner by setting a time frame for completion.  I have been waiting for that level of productivity to return and now understand that it will only happen with a strategy to improve my work habits.

There are resources available, suggestions online and books on the topic, but we also know that writing is a spiritual endeavor and so it is a combination of using the suggestions and then finding what works for each of us.  Ego can be a major stumbling block for me because I feel that it should flow naturally from within me and therefore I do not need any assistance in how to be a writer.  This I am overcoming with the realization that if I am not achieving what I want, making a living as a writer, then changes need to occur.

After waiting for the spirit to move me and eventually admitting that it needs some prompting I am open to suggestions in regard to how to improve productivity.  Like any profession writing requires me to keep learning and to have an open mind otherwise I can remain trapped in my ineffective habits.  I am working on a major research project, it will never get done without changing my routine and setting goals if not on a daily basis then weekly and monthly with a targeted completion date.

The phrase time is money did not mean anything to me when younger but I am much more in touch with my mortality and the fact that procrastination is not only the thief of time but also of self-respect.   Another way of stating my feelings is impatience for success and the realization that to deny myself what I am capable of achieving is the very cause of the self-loathing that leads to poor work habits.  So I will proceed with being aware that the clock does not stop and a game plan for success is necessary.

It should be noted that I work a full time job and some overtime to survive but I also have enough free time to launch my writing career.  This is the general I will speak of the specifics in another post after incorporating them into my routine and thus being able to speak from experience.

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