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Choosing A Genre

It is almost a given for many of us whom want to write that the novel has the most appeal.  The potential income and prestige can motivate us.  So it was for me and after reading many novels and biographies I decided to begin my first one.  It was completed about seven years later and has yet to be published but now with e-publishing I can become a published writer.

Before completing it I decided upon a children’s book as my next project.  Having spent all of my energy and spirit on my first novel another one was too much for me.  I eventually completed this project while beginning number three.  A book of research.

A research project seemed the best direction for me because I would be reading and researching and not having to be entirely creative.  I have committed to finishing this project but find that it requires greater discipline than the novel because it does not draw me to it nearly each day as the novel did.  This failure to work on it regularly may be personal issues rather than the project itself or a combination of the two.

One final note on choosing a genre: the theatre has much appeal to me but it is a collaborative effort which appears at this point to be beyond me although perhaps finding success in another area will give me the confidence to pursue this avenue.  To clarify I know I can write  a play but the process of getting it to the stage is the intimidating step for me.

So it is for this writer, I am creating a body of work and moving to the next phase of becoming a published writer and then promoting my work via this blog and other methods.

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Launching My Blog

I am not certain what I want to write about in my first post so I am simply sitting at the keyboard and allowing the process to unfold.  Probably after sending this one I will feel that it does not quite meet the high standards which I set for myself as a writer.  However having had no commercial and thus monetary success the bar is actually quite low for me.

Having always wanted to be a writer blogging gives me the opportunity to go public without having to get a contract and have my work formally published.  For this I am thankful and will attempt to utilize my blog to promote my writing and to build a community of friends and associates  whom will support me as I will them.  Marketing myself has been my shortcoming not only as a writer but throughout my entire career.  What is happening now with WordPress and all it has to offer is the missing part of the puzzle for many of us whom are not instinctively inclined to promote ourselves.

After reviewing the above it seems enough for my first post and so will keep it short and thus a quick read.

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