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This has been my weakness as a writer and therefore that which requires my attention and the admission that I need assistance in this area.  I enjoy the pleasure of reading and this lead me to a place whereby I began writing.  However the process of working my way thru the publishing quagmire has been intimidating to such a degree that I have avoided it.  One way to avoid rejection is don’t try and perhaps that is what my subconscious mind was doing.

I have taken classes in how to get published and in promoting myself as a writer, then the task becomes to follow thru and utilize the information which they provided.  After more hesitation than I care to admit getting on wordpesss and starting this blog was the initial phase in terms of a breakthru.  A part of me wanted to continue to procrastinate yet that was overcome by a desire to find a little victory to get me out of the starting gate.  Also to continue to delay was imposing upon my self-respect and I was condemning myself for not making any progress.

I had actually started a facebook account first but the benefits of using it cannot be obtained without having a blog or website or both.  Of course Linked In and Twitter are next for me in addition to starting a website but by finding a starting point I am able to build upon that and find that the blog lead to many other sources of information.  Getting on Writers Digest email list also opened a new source of information along with the freelance writing journal site.

With all the resources I have tapped into it now seems that there is almost too much information but I am sorting it out.  I want to join the freelance writers den so I have someone to guide me thru the process of making money as a freelance writer; this could produce my first writing credit which would be a major leap for me.  So this is where I am, no longer living in fear and slowly building my faith with the resources available online being helpful to someone who is not a natural at self-promotion.

I intend to use a portion of the new methods to promote myself and also some of the old in that I will also try to get an agent and a contract.  So that is my situation, a work in progress both as a writer and a marketing traineee.

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