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I am writing about confronting this portion of becoming a successful writer because my inattention to it has meant that I am not one.  I remain in the aspiring range although am assembling a body of work which with proper marketing and faith in self could propel me to the next level.  The matters of business have never been my forte although I do have a degree in Business Administration.  It was while receiving this degree that I became interested in literature perhaps for something more pleasant to read than all of the economics and accounting chapters which I was supposed to read but did not.

The point being I have no interest in business affairs and therefore have not put my attention toward them.  I have what I believe is the creative mind because it wanders aimlessly and the only method to control it is to find a book to read or sport on tv which I enjoy and then it will stay focused.  After being a writer in training for over twenty years with no success I began to consider my situation and how to advance my career.  I want to be a writer who makes a living as a writer.

Therefore I began to focus on marketing and all that is involved on the business side and find that it is not as intimidating as I had imagined.  There is an infinite support system for those of us whom are less than confident about beginning the process; people who will show us the way.  I am plugging in to this resource and my confidence that it can happen for me is slowly building.

The support on this site and other writing sites is giving me the tools and it is then a matter of doing it regardless of whether I want to or not.  Then measuring my progress by  setting goals and organizing my effort, because without a plan I find that I procrastinate and lose my focus.  And therefore remain an aspiring writer rather than a writer.

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